2017. aasta tähtsamad sündmused:

  • 11. märts
    ELÜ üldkoosolek
  • 05-06. august
    Loomaarstide suvepäevad
  • 27-28 oktoober
    Konverents Veterinarmeditsiin 2017


Dear colleague!

We are honoured to host and invite you to the FVE Spring General Assembly 2017, taking place 9-10 June 2017 in Tallinn.

The meeting will start with working group and session meetings on 7 June.

We have also organised many different social events to get you acquainted with Estonian culture and other people participating.

We truly hope you will enjoy your stay here – please take your time to get to know Estonia!


See you in Tallinn, Estonia!

With regards, Priit Koppel
President of Estonian Veterinary Association